After analysis of your company’s needs and the risks involved in your anticipated transactions, Provident Traders creates a secure structure for bank financing through utilization of a variety of risk reduction techniques and programs.

Competitive exporters may be interested in the following:

     EXPORT RECEIVABLE FINANCING to support your open-account sales to overseas buyer, e.g.,

     • sale to Spanish Air Force of $600,000.00 in aircraft spare parts was financed by bank with repayment insured by private insurer.

     • $350,000.00 sale of California bulk wine to Sweden financed by bank with repayment insured by U.S. Eximbank.

     MEDIUM TERM INSURED LOANS for overseas buyers to finance over two to seven years, their purchases of U.S. equipment and services, e.g.,

     • $13 million sale of medical equipment to Romania 100% financed with three-year downpayment private sector insurance and five-year Eximbank insurance.

Overseas buyers may be interested in the following:

     SHORT TERM (up to 180 days) FACILITIES to finance their purchases of spare parts and/or consumables e.g.,

     • $1 million 180 day facility to a Mexican farmer to finance seeds, fertilizer and plantlings; repayment coincided with his harvest.

     MEDIUM TERM (up to five years) FINANCING of capital equipment or services, e.g.,

     • numerous sales of agricultural greenhouses and packing lines to Mexico, effectuated by five year loans for 85% of invoice value. Repayment insured by Eximbank.