Provident Traders has brokered international credit and political risk insurance to U.S. exporters and financial institutions since 1989.

      Provident Traders is one of Eximbank’s most active brokers and specializes in export credit policies for transactions with Latin America.

      Provident Traders also brokers numerous private sector insurers’ policies, including: AIG, FCIA, EulerHermes, Atradius and Coface.

       POLICIES AVAILABLE through Provident Traders include:

       FOR RECEIVABLES, cover against “all risks” (i.e., non-payment for any reasons) or specific “named risks: (i.e., Commercial risks of protracted default and/or insolvency or Political risks of war, currency inconvertibility or cancellation of import or export licenses);

      FOR FOREIGN INVESTMENTS, cover against host government expropriation, currency inconvertibility of earnings, political violence or host government breach of contract.

       FOR SPECIAL NEEDS, coverages are available for advance payment guarantees, contract frustration for public sector buyers, operating or finance leases and 15% down-payment financing.

CA Ins. Lic. 0D44029